OUT OF SITE Live Art Series
Curated by Michelle Browne
OUT OF SITE was a series of site specific performances events that took place in Dublin from 2006-2008. Over the course of three years over 40 national and international artists presented live art works across the city. OUT OF SITE created a platform for performing artists to engage with sites in the Dublin City, from O'Connell Street to The Coombe, Grafton Street to Wolfe Tone Square. OUT OF SITE was supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council, VIsual Artists Ireland, The Goethe Institute and Dublin Port Authority.

Photos of Amanda Coogan, Gareth Kennedy and Dominic Thorpe's performances for OUT OF SITE presents Promenade in 2008 as part of Dublin City Council's Open Spaces programme.

OUT OF SITE 2007 from michellebrowne on Vimeo.

Video documentation of OUT OF SITE 2007 featuring LIGNA, Carole Frances Lung, Hugh Cooney & Carl Giffney, Lian Bell, Hope Inherent (Jennie Moran & Tara Kennedy), Fergus Byrne, John Dummet, Sam Hopkins, Andrea Theis, Susanne Bosch, Marylin Arsem, Sandra Johnston, Aileen Lambert